A turning point in BtoB communication strategy for Nyséos

In view of the SITEVI trade fair scheduled for the end of November 2013, Nyséos, a company specializing in controlling the aromatic quality of wines, asked B2B to completely review the way it addresses its market (cellars, oenologists). And it was on Kallosmé, their new online software for aromatic wine management, that BtoB Design intervened:…Lire la suite

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Big success for Imagene's 2013 campaign

It was at the beginning of 2013 that the innovative company Imagene told us about its desire to boost the sales of its offer and to enter new markets. BtoB Design has therefore established an appropriate action plan and created a new B2B communication campaign highlighting the brand's differentiating product advantages. Concretely this ...Lire la suite

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Successful B-to-B Communication Campaign for Tracks

In order to promote its new ISSOW software called Tracks, the ECP company asked B-to-B Design to develop its new International BtoB communication campaign to enter a new market: the management of work permits on large industrial installations.
The creation of a unique concept in the world, but also of sales messages generated a …Lire la suite

Shock communication campaign for Compart

Compart, the world leader in fireproof compartmentalisation of buildings, entrusts its 2012 communication strategy to B-to-B Design to promote its new range of halogen-free products internationally.
How to win new markets? Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe. But to be satisfied with a technical explanation, to explain again and again ...Lire la suite

Cisbio strongly develops its international visibility

Cisbio is a group present in B2B internationally and has a complete range of products in drug discovery (pharma - biotech) and a reputation recognized by its market. In order to increase its international development and position itself strongly in relation to its competition, Cisbio has chosen B-to-B Design to launch each year ...Lire la suite