Sileane stands out thanks to its new Kamido offer.

Having become essential in the world of industrial robotics, Siléane is one of those innovative companies that have trusted B-to-B Design since their creation.

And to launch its new robotic Kamido range, Siléane asked us to plan its new product communication strategy: brand (logo), B2B campaign, brochures, press ads, web, emailing, landing page.

For …Lire la suite

A turning point in BtoB communication strategy for Nyséos

In view of the SITEVI trade fair scheduled for the end of November 2013, Nyséos, a company specializing in controlling the aromatic quality of wines, asked B2B to completely review the way it addresses its market (cellars, oenologists). And it was on Kallosmé, their new online software for aromatic wine management, that BtoB Design intervened:…Lire la suite

New BtoB website for Edater experts

Things are moving for this company that is expert in using public (and private) funds and managing regional, national or European programs.
The new website is not supposed to design, but to bring in new customers. In close collaboration with Edater, everything begins with a long work of very precise marketing analyzes on ...Lire la suite

Creation of a new website for Advicenne

Here is an innovative company that we have supported since its beginnings: brand creation (name and logo), marketing messages, graphic charter… and today a total overhaul of their website.
Advicenne, in a nutshell, is a French pharma company that is developing very useful drugs for children suffering from illnesses ...Lire la suite

Siléane becomes a reference on the European markets

Ex-St Etienne Automation, Siléane, specialist in adaptive robotics, called on B2B for the change of its name (creation and brand strategy) and the total overhaul of its web strategy. New catchy catchphrases adapted to the target, messages that are addressed directly to the market, photos that know how to highlight the products: ...Lire la suite

Terinov reveals geoscience actors with his website

New communication strategy for Terinov, the geosciences cluster of Languedoc-Roussillon!
Creator of the name, the brand, the logo, the visual identity, and the website, BtoB Design also designs for Terinov a tailor-made extranet, rich and easy to administer. Under secure connection, Terinov members now have privileged access to ...Lire la suite

IES: BtoB communication around its new brand Keywatt

Realizing that its BtoB brand communication had no international scope, IES called on B-to-B to help it review its marketing strategy: complete facelift of the IES logo and creation of the new Keywatt brand.
Taking advantage of the EVS26 show in Los Angeles (May 2012), to test the effectiveness of its new brand, it is…Lire la suite

Logotype BtoB Design

Pay communication strategy for GML Golf

B-to-B Design has implemented a brand strategy for a world first on golf courses in Champagne. The GML Golf company gave birth to Toowap: GPS, Internet and pitch reliever in the palm of your hand. Made by golfers for golfers, Toowap is the perfect companion for players looking to optimize ...Lire la suite

Logotype BtoB Design

Wavenis, the international branding of Coronis

Coronis, European leader in the “wireless” market, sees its brand highly valued when it is taken over by Elster Group. The Wavenis brand is the culmination of a comprehensive brand strategy and an international communication campaign led by B-to-B Design in close collaboration with international teams.
Creating a brand is both about...Lire la suite