Dessin humoristique illustrant comment marquer durablement dans la communication BtoB

Tip n ° 2 for innovative communication: lasting marks?

What branding policy to adopt to give my company a lasting and distinctive image?
What is the influence of digital on my brand?
In a connected world where everything is going very fast, your brand must be able to anchor permanently in the memories to stand out from millions of others already existing on the web.
Thanks to a strategy ...Lire la suite


To gain market share, innovation is needed ... but
it remains essential to anticipate on the competition, to know how to
position and give them the capabilities. So how to stand out from the competition with sometimes excessive media?
Planning your BtoB communication means above all asking the right questions and thinking skillfully ...Lire la suite

Recycled paper is coming to Lille

100% Recyclé, 100% Engagé joined forces with B-to-B Design to orchestrate the Tour de France of the National Meetings around recycled paper.
Second stage in Lille, at the Hermitage Gantois
Thursday, April 28, 2016, from 8:30 to 11am
Building on its initial success in Montpellier, this Lille stage brought together more than 60 directors, decision-makers and business leaders and ...Lire la suite

Sileane stands out thanks to its new Kamido offer.

Having become essential in the world of industrial robotics, Siléane is one of those innovative companies that have trusted B-to-B Design since their creation.

And to launch its new robotic Kamido range, Siléane asked us to plan its new product communication strategy: brand (logo), B2B campaign, brochures, press ads, web, emailing, landing page.

For …Lire la suite

A turning point in BtoB communication strategy for Nyséos

In view of the SITEVI trade fair scheduled for the end of November 2013, Nyséos, a company specializing in controlling the aromatic quality of wines, asked B2B to completely review the way it addresses its market (cellars, oenologists). And it was on Kallosmé, their new online software for aromatic wine management, that BtoB Design intervened:…Lire la suite

New BtoB website for Edater experts

Things are moving for this company that is expert in using public (and private) funds and managing regional, national or European programs.
The new website is not supposed to design, but to bring in new customers. In close collaboration with Edater, everything begins with a long work of very precise marketing analyzes on ...Lire la suite

Capsule Montpellier

Big success for Imagene's 2013 campaign

It was at the beginning of 2013 that the innovative company Imagene told us about its desire to boost the sales of its offer and to enter new markets. BtoB Design has therefore established an appropriate action plan and created a new B2B communication campaign highlighting the brand's differentiating product advantages. Concretely this ...Lire la suite

Print Montpellier BtoB Design

Successful B-to-B Communication Campaign for Tracks

In order to promote its new ISSOW software called Tracks, the ECP company asked B-to-B Design to develop its new International BtoB communication campaign to enter a new market: the management of work permits on large industrial installations.
The creation of a unique concept in the world, but also of sales messages generated a …Lire la suite

Launch of a European BtoB campaign

At the request of Ricoh Industrie France, B-to-B Design is reviewing the BtoB communication strategy for relaunching a flagship product of the company. This is to promote the B110CU on the front of the European scene. Intended for several specialized international magazines, the new European B2B communication campaign must imperatively hold the attention of prospects ...Lire la suite