Sileane stands out thanks to its new Kamido offer.

Having become essential in the world of industrial robotics, Siléane is one of those innovative companies that have trusted B-to-B Design since their creation.

And to launch its new robotic Kamido range, Siléane asked us to plan its new product communication strategy: brand (logo), B2B campaign, brochures, press ads, web, emailing, landing page.

For …Lire la suite

Capsule Montpellier

Big success for Imagene's 2013 campaign

It was at the beginning of 2013 that the innovative company Imagene told us about its desire to boost the sales of its offer and to enter new markets. BtoB Design has therefore established an appropriate action plan and created a new B2B communication campaign highlighting the brand's differentiating product advantages. Concretely this ...Lire la suite

Launch of a European BtoB campaign

At the request of Ricoh Industrie France, B-to-B Design is reviewing the BtoB communication strategy for relaunching a flagship product of the company. This is to promote the B110CU on the front of the European scene. Intended for several specialized international magazines, the new European B2B communication campaign must imperatively hold the attention of prospects ...Lire la suite

Logotype BtoB Design

Pay communication strategy for GML Golf

B-to-B Design has implemented a brand strategy for a world first on golf courses in Champagne. The GML Golf company gave birth to Toowap: GPS, Internet and pitch reliever in the palm of your hand. Made by golfers for golfers, Toowap is the perfect companion for players looking to optimize ...Lire la suite

Shock communication campaign for Compart

Compart, the world leader in fireproof compartmentalisation of buildings, entrusts its 2012 communication strategy to B-to-B Design to promote its new range of halogen-free products internationally.
How to win new markets? Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe. But to be satisfied with a technical explanation, to explain again and again ...Lire la suite

First website of wine suppliers in Languedoc-Roussillon

Selected through a call for tenders, B-to-B design launched the naming process to create the Vinseo name, then the brand itself (logo, styling and central sales pitch) and finally the stands, brochures and the website. bringing together the whole community, with dynamic mapping, search engine, directory, forum, etc. This is a first in France. All …Lire la suite

Seguin-Moreau / Woody

The international leader in cooperage marries the largest manufacturer of oak chips. For Seguin-Moreau and Boisé France, B-to-B Design created the messages and the announcement of this happy event. The future looks exciting in terms of development prospects for the two entities that we are happy to support.