Cordia, a specialist in fire safety, called on our communication agency, with the main objective of penetrating international markets and selling its equipment via the web.

For this, BtoB creates a e-commerce website tailor-made, write the commercial messages and arguments and optimize the SEO SEO with search engines.

But how to optimize efficiently
his natural reference or SEO ?

Let's say that to be simple, Google's robots and other search engines scan your site and highlight a map of your keywords. The most important ones define your web strategy compared to Google and your ranking in Internet searches. In addition to having a clean and valid code, it is necessary to establish a good policy of keywords. It's sort of the ultimate goal of SEO : try to know the words that will hit your target in Google to find you.

The result: With more than 400 products in the catalog, Cordia is now visible on the international scene and sells its equipment worldwide.

See Cordia's website.

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