To gain market share, innovation is needed ... but
it remains essential to anticipate on the competition, to know how to
position and give them the capabilities. So how to stand out from the competition with sometimes excessive media?

Planning your BtoB communication is first and foremost asking yourself the right questions and thinking skilfully about the future of your business.
Strategic analysis, economic and digital intelligence, benchmarking ... thanks to its Agile approach, B-to-B Design helps you to grow your project and reveals the assets, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will allow you to have a clear and detailed view on the means of communication to put in place.

At the end of the year, B-to-B Design presents its new website, a reflection of the agency and what we propose for 2017.

Knowing how to communicate in 2017 means first and foremost mobilizing the new resources that are developing little by little every day in the world: community management, motion design, SEO ... and knowing how to work with more advanced tools that have already proved their worth : press relations, media-planning, branding ...

But that our loyal customers can rest assured, B-to-B Design will always focus on innovation and the environment in 2017.
And because you are important to us, we propose to inform you every two months about an information bulletin on a current topic.

Happy New Year celebrations.