Things are moving for this company that is expert in using public (and private) funds and managing regional, national or European programs.

New . is not supposed to do design, but bring back new customers. In close collaboration with Edater, it all starts with a long process of very precise marketing analysis on the keywords of the market. Natural consequence, the Drafting of all the menus, submenus and texts was made by BtoB Design.
Moreover, brand, whose logo was initially too fragile and brittle, was recast by our specialists. The following (communication campaign, brochure top of the line, e-mailings, press ads and salons) will proceed smoothly as indicated in the 2013-2014 Communication Plan.

Results: Edater has just won, among other things, almost 2/3 of the pilot budgets of European programs. Large companies, long established in these markets, cringe a bit.

The new Edater website.

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