Dessin humoristique illustrant comment marquer durablement dans la communication BtoB

What branding policy to adopt to give my company a lasting and distinctive image?
What is the influence of digital on my brand?
In a connected world where everything is going very fast, your brand must be able to anchor permanently in the memories to stand out from millions of others already existing on the web.

Thanks to an adapted brand strategy, B-to-B Design enhances the image of your company which is then felt as reliable and sustainable: chave marketing to educate your prospects, brand content multi-channel, Sharing corporate values ... We help you win the trust of your prospects by creating a dialogue, a unique relationship between you.

YellowScan designs aerial imagery sensors that help unveil the hidden meaning of urban and environmental spaces. The challenge here was to establish the credibility of this new start-up vis-à-vis the international market.

The benchmark analysis immediately revealed a competition rooted in technique and self-congratulation. To help YellowScan stand out, B-to-B Design launches a great branding strategy and repositioning the company to the heart of its prospects' concerns: rather than talking about technical performance, YellowScan takes care of every customer's request by providing concrete and personalized solutions.