Dessin humoristique interrogeant sur entendre ou écouter dans la communication BtoB

Innovation does not sell like other models: understanding your market and how you react is one of the keys to the success of your marketing communication.
What are the levers to attract the attention of your prospects?
Is your offer in line with market demand?

B-to-B Design helps you optimize and structure your digital content to match your marketing promise. To show your differences and boost your business, our multidisciplinary and creative teams are working on your strategy to give you a clear and detailed view of the various communication tools to put in place.

After the many exchanges we had with the Ricoh group, a tool appeared to be essential to support its marketing development: Motion Design.

Indeed, for most of their customers and prospects, the different thermal printing processes are not easy to understand. To help salespeople in this pedagogical part of the sale, B-to-B Design has created two Motion Design videos that showcase the benefits of the thermal printing process in less than a minute.