Strategic planning

With more than 15 years’ experience in B2B affairs, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of your project to produce a document setting out the communication tools to launch your business venture.
Using our Agile method, we scope out this document with you to define and introduce your communication strategy:
• Benchmarking analysis
• Investigation methods analysis
• Which means for which tools?

Planning BtoB Design
Stratégie BtoB Design


You can achieve concrete targets by using highly rigorous methods to etch your brand on the memory. By bolstering your brand, you’ll truly put your own stamp on the market. Your company’s image will subsequently be seen as reliable and durable. There’s no magic to famous brands, just short names, powerful logos and the time that passes with a good reputation.
The musical quality to syllables is, by the power of its convictions, greater than the culture of “streamlining to excess”, which is always forgotten sooner or later.
Instead of following events, you’ve got to create them to be the leader in your market. That’s why most well-established corporate names have nothing to do with their vocation.


One image is worth a thousand words, so our agency creates visuals and out-of-the-box ideas that challenge your prospective customers. As part of your overall strategy, we’ll ensure that your B2B communication campaign makes the best use of contacts and safeguards what’s special about your offer, using our emotional marketing method.

It’s a specific photo or a striking image that will catch the eye of your prospective customers and which will appear on all media, from brochure covers, social networks, press releases, media relations, PowerPoint slide titles, website home pages, or trade show booth image walls, etc. . ..
As Talleyrand said, “Beware of your first impressions, there is truth in them!”

Campagne BtoB Design
Communication Digitale Montpellier


Much more than just Much more than just design, we help you to reach your targets using the right visuals, appealing messages as well as giving you our guidance on marketing and sales (SEO, responsive listing, motion design, etc.).Our web-developers foster quality, ergonomics and differentiation. Each day, we add to the functional diversity of our solutions and focus on what web users, prospective and existing customers, find highly practical, appealing and, above all, enjoyable.


Excellence attracts and reassures. Refined documents and presentations promote a certain ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that benefits your company. Coupling your visual identity to high-quality brochures certainly provides you with a strategic factor to stand out from the crowd.
Don’t forget, though, prospective customers are not attracted by you or your offer but rather the profits they hope to make from it. Drafting a convincing pitch (messaging) promotes the relevance of your offer and as a specialist in B2B communication, our agency drafts your texts to attract your prospective customers by highlighting what they’ll gain in terms of time, quality and improvements.

Contenu BtoB Design
Événement BtoB Design


The media is a powerful opinion multiplier and PR creates a qualitative and lasting relationship with it to gain support for you by informing consumers and influencing their choices.

B-to-B Design builds your image and defends your interests in media and commercial circles, to help you position yourselves as a new, key player in your sector.