3 vital attributes, 3 keys.

Clearly, the core of any truly effective communication uses tools like the internet, brochures, press releases or smartphones applications. But these tools are useless if you don’t know what it is that generates incoming calls, sparks desire or creates value. So, here are three vital attributes that boost the perceived value of an offer, message or a company, without which nothing is possible:

  1. Hook: create the visual concept and the slogan.
  2. Interest: refine your core message to convince (and help get your product listed).
  3. Be lastingly recognisable:visual or brand identity (name, values, styling and logo).
Micro illustrant le concept d'accrocher, d'intéresser et de marquer dans la communication digitale

These 3 key attributes can help you access international B2B markets, including American, Chinese, European and other global potential customers. Yet, all too often, we ignore that there are common triggers in the amygdala or primitive brain regardless of age, country, gender or culture. These stimuli have been around for at least 3.2 million years and still hugely powerful today, including for B2B applications.
Coupled with that is the top priority of getting your own website on the first page of Google, using our SEO web listing methodology.


If your core message is good, the prospective customer will see straightaway why they should call you. You just have to explain to them as neatly as possible their three B2B benefits: time, money and risk (T, €, R).
As for “business-to-consumer” relations, it’s best to highlight the benefits that individuals aspire to, such as dreams (ideals and fantasies), safety, comfort and self-esteem.
The core message has to be really pragmatic. It first targets the brain and wastes no time. It’s clear and concise and above all, appealing. It doesn’t say “our” teams or “our” expertise or “I”. Instead, it gives figures; it makes you want it.