Logo, campaign, B2B website, what would not be done to help this adorable and totally innovative team?

The team of . has thoroughly reviewed the logo to win the brand in authority, power and quality, and support Imagene in the long-term in its quest for global leadership in biospecimen conservation. The communication campaign, the design of B2B website as well as the texts of the homepage and the high-end wafer of the'business innovative Imagene arouses the interest of prospects. Editorial relevance and total rigor form an euphoric cocktail and terribly effective to gain strong credibility in a market.

A society that knows how to put the genes of a tyrannosaur in a steel micro-capsule.

Imagene revolutionizes the conservation of biospecimens: the microcapsule of Imagene allows unlimited conservation of biospecimens at room temperature. Who says unique product, says " branding " quality.

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