Logotype BtoB Design

B-to-B Design has put in place a brand strategy for a world first on golf courses in Champagne. The GML Golf company gave birth to Toowap: GPS, Internet and pitch shift in the palm of the hand. Made by golfers for golfers, Toowap is the perfect companion for players looking to maximize their performance.

The challenge raised by B-to-B Design is not the least: to make naming (naming) which will be remembered branding (logo and values) and a distinctive visual charter for this product innovative.
Short and harmonious, a name has a better chance of remaining in the memory, and that would be directly related to our primitive brain. Contrary to a belief without any real basis, the name is not obliged to declare the trade of its owner ... and that GML Golf understood it well, by asking later to B-to-B Design to make its mark alive by inscribing it in the set of a brand strategy.
Packaging, press campaign, stand and website followed naturally.

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