Compart, world leader in the fire compartmentalisation of buildings, entrusts its strategy . communication 2012 to . to value at theinternational its new range of products without halogenated derivatives.

How to win new markets?
Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe.
But to be satisfied with a technical explanation, to explain again and again its product under all the seams is useless, as long as you will not have captured the attention of the other. It is necessary to seduce to trigger the desire: to provoke this small spark in the brain of the other, an emotion which will call to him and to attract his attention.

B-to-B Design reviews Compart's communications strategy and relaunches this innovative company at the forefront of the international scene: new visual identity, new campaign, brochures high-end, accompaniment and Drafting . websites and messages catchy and sellers.

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